Archive Option
An Export structure must be specified detailing a directory structure for export of images and data.

The archive screen provides two functions. Firstly it creates and specifies the export requirements for the archive. Secondly it allows for the removal of archive records.

Archiving is a two phase operation

Phase 1

Select the items to archive and give the archive selection a reason. The system moves the items from the table to the archive table and optionally creates copies of all associated images and files into a directory structure based upon the index data. Images and data (stored in a CSV format) are placed in the bottom most directory/level specified. This structure can then be copied to CD or some other archive material.

Phase 2

Select the resulting archive from the list of dates available. The reason specified in Phase 1 is displayed for information purposes. Enter the required password. The system removes (deletes permanently) the archive records from the database table and removes (deletes permanently) the associated images and files.

Create Archive Data Entry
Create Archive Table
Check this box to create the archive structure in the database. This option is only applicable at initialisation.

Export Files at Archive
Check this box if files are to be exported when archived. If not checked files will be moved to th archive table but a directory structure containing files will not be created.

Export Deleted Files at Archive
Check this box if deleted files (files flagged as deleted) are to exported when archived.

Create Archive Buttons
Create Table
This button creates the archive table and sets the export options for this document type if the Create Archive Table box is checked.

Clear Archive Records Data Entry
These options are available once an archive table has been created and items have been archived through e4DM View.

Available Archive Dates
The dates that archives were undertaken will be displayed in this list. Clicking on an item in the list will display the Archive Description entered for that date through e4DM View. The 'Delete from Archive up to' field will be populated with the chosen date.

Delete from Archive up to
This field is for information purposes only.

Archive Password
The password must be correctly entered before items can be removed.

Create Archive Records Buttons
Once a date has been selected the calculate button will detail the number of records that will be removed and enables the Remove button and the Archive Password field.

The remove button will request final confirmation and, if affirmative, will remove the items and associated images.