Data Modification Templates
These templates are used by e4DM View as a data dictionary to govern the entry and amendment of index data.

Data Entry
Document Type
Select the document type required for this indexing template. All available fields will be populated.

The database field name involved.

Min Len
Indicates the minimum length of data, which can be input into this field.

Max Len
Indicates the maximum length of data, which can be input into this field.

Upper Case
Converts entered data to upper case automatically.

From File
Entry into this field must match a value from the corresponding lookup files field.

Lookup File
Double clicking this box brings up a selection of lookup files . Each would contain a set of items this field always uses. These values would subsequently appear in a drop down box within the e4DM View. This is a labour and error-reducing feature removing the need to retype items.

Specify a mask for input, e.g. 99/99/9999 or AA999999A, where 9 represents any number and A represents any alpha character.

Saves the Template configuration information.

Deletes the Template configuration information.