Named File Data Import
This option allows the creation and deletion of Named File Data Import templates for a Document Type.

These templates are used by Named File Data Import.exe to import data and documents into e4DM.

Data Entry
A template name to describe the indexing method.

Document Type
Select the document type required for this indexing template.

Data Separator
The character which separates the data (default=comma)

Create New Records
Tick this option if imported data is to create new records in e4DM.

Import documents into e4DM
Only available if 'Create New records' is ticked. If the import data contains the location of the associated image then tick this option. The CSV data import server will search for the documents and attach them as documents in e4DM.

Delete original Import Documents
Only available if 'Import documents into e4DM' is ticked. If the original document is to be deleted then tick this option.

Exclude this template from Named Data Import Run
Tick this box if the template is not to be updated during data import.

Multi-Page Tiffs
Tick this box if the source contains multi-page tiffs that are to be imported. This option is only available if the Import documents into e4DM check box is ticked.

Source Directory
This points to a directory which corresponds to the import area. The Named File data import server will search for this area. If it does not exist then there will be no import. If it exists it will import files from the area. Double clicking the source directory box allows the path to be edited using a standard select directory window.

File Name Field
The database field name that corresponds to the name of the file. The file name will be indexed into this field.

Default Field 1-5
Allows the assignment of a field to receive a default value

Default Value
Allows the assignment of a default value to be associated with this field.

Is Date
Tick this box if the File Name Field is in a date format

Assign indexed docs to this folder
This is a mandatory field. Documents indexed using this template will be assigned to this document folder.

Saves the Template configuration information.

Deletes the Template configuration information.