Tree View Template
These templates are used by e4DM View to show different views of the same data. They allow the user point and click search capability

The following provides a brief explanation of each configuration tool (in bold) their action and abilities.

Data Entry
Template Title
a template name to describe the indexing method.

Document Type
Select the document type required for this indexing template.

Level 1 to Level 12
All of these levels may sequentially be completed or only some. Each level has a drop down box associated, which contains available database fields, dependent on the chosen 'Document Type', Choose accordingly by highlighting the value.

Sort Order
This region of the application window provides three sort options for each Level.

Sort values in an ascending manner.

Sort values in a descending manner.

Sort values using a particular lookup table . The table may be selected from the accompanying dropdown box.

Saves the Template configuration information.

Deletes the Template configuration information.