Fast Track - Create a User
Create an in-tray. A user requires an in-tray. Routed and sent documents are sent to the user's in-tray If routing and sending options are not to be implemented then users may all share the one in-tray.

Create a user. The user logon defaults to the windows network user name. If no corresponding user is found in e4DM then a logon and password will be requested. If a corresponding name exists in e4DM password verification is required. Passwords and Quality control are optional.

Create any document folders you may require that do not exist. Document folders are assigned to a document at indexing time. Roles may be assigned only the document folders you wish them to see.

Create a role for the user if one does not already exist. Allocate any permissions required and document folders for each document type against the role. Add any document folders that the role may view.

Assign a role to the user. The role assigns permission to a user.