Document Explorer
The Document Explorer application allows users to efficiently search and retrieve indexed items from their database using limited information.

The documents types available to a user are dependant upon user permissions.

The application window is divided into two main areas: the search section and the results section

Search Section - Enter Index Search Data
The leftmost portion of the screen is concerned with the entry of search parameters.

Results Section - Files
The rightmost portion of the screen is concerned with the items retrievied as the result of a search.

Manipultion of cases, their index data and search methods can be undertaken via menu options or the Toolbar.

Menu Options
The applications main menubar contains eight menus File, Item, Font, View, Searches, Archive, About and Exit.

File Menu
The file menu allows for the maintenance of search queries.

Item menu
The item menu provides functions that can be performed on a case item.

Font menu
The font menu allows the user to alter the display font for both the search and results section.

View Menu
The view menu allows the user to select various display options.

Searches Menu
The searches menu allows the user to alter the method of searching.

Archive Menu
The archive option allows the user to archive cases.

About Menu
The about menu provides a sub window containing product name and version for this product.

The toolbar may be optionally viewed via the View Menu.