Document Types : Add New
If unsure of any point do not proceed: contact Softology Ltd before proceeding

There are several steps to the creation of a document type.

Data Entry

DB Field
The name of the field in the database table

A user friendly name for this field

Data Type
The type of the field in the database table selected from those presented.

Applies only to certain Data Types. This will be set to zero where not applicable.

Used to order the display of the fields in e4DM View - currently not used.

Set if this field is to be included in Full Text Retrieval searches.

Each document type requires the setting of  volumes . These correspond to areas on servers and PC's.

If volumes have not been previously created press the Create Volumes button.

Double click on a volume entry box to select a volume from those available, as in step 5.

NB. The Options, Export, Archive, and Document Links buttons are only available with the Show/Amend existing document types option.