General Finder
The General Finder section of the Document Explorer allows complex and simple searches of the chosen Document Type.

Data Entry
At the top is a Document Type drop down box, which contains all the accessible types. The chosen document type determines which search fields are available and their format (Data Modification Template).

Once a document type is chosen as much or as little search information can be entered into the available fields.

Beside each of the search fields is an 'order' radio button; selection dictates by which search field the returned items is sorted.

Search data may be selected from the drop down if the field is so configured.

Pressing F2 within a search field will provide a range input option for that field.

Pressing F3 will clear the search.

Pressing F9 with a search field will provide a refined search for items matching the data entered/displayed for that field.

In addition this search section supports wildcards with the use of the '*' and '?' characters to improve search success.

Character Fields accept the wildcards * and ?. The literals 'IS NULL' and 'IS NOT NULL' may also be entered to denote empty and non-empty field.  a comma may be used to separate multiple requests.

Numeric Fields accept single values. These are subjected to a greater then or equal to qualifier. Negative values need to be enclosed in ( ) characters.

Date Field accept dates in form DD/MM/YY or DD/MM/YYYY. The literals 'IS NULL' and 'IS NOT NULL' may also be entered to denote empty and non-empty field.

Activation initiates a database search dependent on the information contained within the search field entry boxes. The results of the search are displayed in the results section of the screen. Pressing the ESC key interrupts the search.

Clear Fields
Activation clears all field search entry boxes.

View Items
When activated any highlighted items in results section are opened for viewing using SoftView.

If the results from a user initiated search return more than 50 items this button appears. Activation displays the next 50 or any remaining items.