Quick View Template
This option allows the creation and deletion of Quick View/DocLink interface templates.

Please refer to the document Interfacing with e4DM for further details.

These templates are used by external applications to access and retrieve documents from e4DM.

The DocLink templates are also used by the e4DM Quick View program.

Data Entry
Quick View / DocLink Identifier
An expression matching the external application's query type.

Document Type
Select the document type required for this query template.

DocLink Field 1-5
The database field name to query. Up to five fields may be queried.

Order Field
The database field name to sort by.

Read Clipboard
If set, DocLink will read the clipboard for values to use. The first item to read must be at position 1 unless the Clipboard Item Offset is set..

Clipboard Item Offset
Only available if Read Clipboard is ticked. The offset from the beginning of the clipboard for values to use.

Table of Values
If the final DocLink Field (ie the last with a database field name set) contains more than on value check this option. The corresponding database field to query may be passed more than one value. A table of values may only be passed as the last DocLink field in the query. If a table of values is passed the user will be prompted to choose the items requires from a list.

Manual Selection
Only available if Table of Values is set. A form allowing user selection from the items will appear in the DocLink/Quick View application.

Clipboard Line Length
If the clipboard contains at table of values then specify the number of characters between each item.

Excel link item. Exclude from Quick View list
If set, the template will not be shown by Quick View but will only be used for Excel image enabling.

Tree View Intercept

Tree View Template
If set, DocLink will display the data in a tree structure form as specified by the tree view template.

Saves the Template configuration information.

Deletes the Template configuration information.