Quick View
The Quick View application allows users to efficiently retrieve indexed cases from their database using limited information. The retrieved cases are then viewed according to parameters set by your administrator.

Data Entry
Select the type of documents to find from the selection of templates provided. There will be no selection displayed if access is allowed to only one template. The program will not load if access is not allowed to View/Search any Document Type specified within the Quick View Templates.

Enter the required document reference to search for. Documents will either be displayed immediately via SoftView , or as a tree display categorising the index data which will enable the users to view a various grouping of documents. The tree will be displayed if a tree view intercept has been assigned in the template.

Either press RETURN or click the Find Documents button (also accessed via ALT+F). The documents will be displayed in either SoftView or Tree View. A warning notice displayed if no documents are found and they are to be displayed through e4DM SoftView.