Softview viewer is an image viewing application that allows the user to view and alter in certain respects a scanned image prior to indexing or storage. The application has been designed for ease of use and incorporates numerous short cut keys and option toolbar.

Clicking a thumbnail allows the viewing of image files within SoftView or the launching of non-image files. Any notes for the case are displayed at the top left hand corner of the thumbnail.

The main toolbar contains six menus File, Image, Page, View, Case, Mail, and a Help option giving a brief description of their sub menus follows. Some of the options may not be available. Your system administrator has disabled these options.

Image Window
Holding the left mouse down and drawing a rectangle will magnify the rectangle. Holding down the right button on the mouse will move the magnified section.

Shift right click will bring a subset of the menus described above to the screen.

Mini Pages
Right click will bring a subset of the menus described above to the screen.

Left click will display image files in the image window. None image files, indicated by the associated program icon, will launch the associated program specified in the windows registry.

Behind the mini page there may be a case note icon. The icon may vary from item to item depending on the note status

Tool bar icons are available for Print, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, First, Next, Previous, Last, Top of Page, Bottom of Page, Fit to Height, Split Window Horizontally, Split Window Vertically, Notes, Audit, Links, View/Amend Index Data, Mail, Send, Reindex, Reindex and Delete Original, Accept, Reject.