Privileges : In-Trays
Each user must be assigned an in-tray. An in-tray may have one or many users.

An in-tray is used for routing and reminder notification purposes.

The e4DM Document Explorer will report items in a user's in-tray.

Data Entry
The name of the in-tray

The e-mail address for this in-tray

In-tray Type
Not used.

Send e-mail Y/N
Determines if an email can be sent to this in-tray.

Base Directory
Documents may be scanned directly into the in-tray Base Directory. When the user enters their In-Tray via Document Explorer any documents found in the Base Directory will be automatically indexed into the 'Incomming Mail' document type. Permissions must be set to allow a user to view and re-index from the 'Incomming Mail' document type.

Creates a new in-tray record in the e4DM database.

Updates the in-tray details in the e4DM database.

Deletes the in-tray details in the e4DM database if no users are assigned to it and no cases are currently assigned.