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Softology are a specialist document management, rating, and workflow software house who have been developing enterprise-wide solutions since 1992.

Our portfolio of products offers a comprehensive document content, data capture, and work management solution that will benefit any organisation whether you are a SME with 2 employees, or a large national corporation with 2,000.

The modular architecture of our software gives great flexibility in the ways it can be used for any documents or intensive work processes, in fact the look and feel of the system can be easily tailored to guarantee outstanding acceptance levels by end users.

Our cost effective workflow and document management modules can function autonomously, but also integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and legacy software, such as CRM, Property Management and Accounting software. Our products can be installed with a minimum of fuss, and help you get more from the investments you've already made.

Our solutions will not only provide you with a complete 'virtual filing cabinet', with any document instantly available with the click of a mouse, but it will also give you the functionality to harness and maximise your company's knowledge and streamline your day to day office processes.

So, if you are looking for a way to simply streamline cumbersome business processes, or you are having problems finding that vital document, wanting to free up expensive storage space, or concerned with document security and disaster recovery, Softology's suite of Workflow and Electronic Document Management software will provide you with exactly the functionality you need in a single solution.

What's New

Como Hotels

Softology have installed Document Management in Como Holdings Ltd

River Lake

Softology and River Lake Ltd have set up a partnership agreement to work more closely together to integrate the software offerings from both parties.

The initial work has been to interface the Softology Document Management system (Softology DM) with the River Lake rating system.

Under the new integration the Softology DM system can be initiated from the River Lake rates system and the user can view images of documents that relate to the transaction they were viewing in the Rates system.