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Document Management For Property Managers

Companies that manage assets, real estate, and properties often have a range of applications suitable for Electronic Document Management and Workflow. One of the most important applications is to file documents related to properties, or units within a property, together.

Softology's Document Management is very well suited and used to hosting a number of applications for property managers. Typical within property management companies are
  • property documentation
  • invoice approval
  • health and safety regulations
  • fleet management
  • payroll
  • corporate insurance
  • management accounts
  • routing of work items to remote users
  • contract control
  • refurbishments
  • building and planning projects
  • lease administration
  • rating liabilities
  • and many more.

Softology's Document Management has the facility to manage a multitude of document types ranging from Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel documents through to digital and scanned images. The documents stored are associated with a particular property and form a complete history of a building or unit.

Softology's Document Management is a generic Electronic Document Management and Workflow product that can be used right across your organisation. It is used in many applications across a wide range of sectors, and Property Management is one of the major areas of deployment.

The system can be accessed either at a head office using traditional windows programs or as a thin client via the Internet. This is often particularly important, as staff need to review information on site. There are, of course, legal obligations on landlords and property owners.

Softology's Document Management can be deployed where the documents are the sole legal version, as it has been developed in consideration of legal admissibility and evidential weight of information stored electronically (BSI BIP0008 Standard). Read more about BSI BIP0008 here.

Property Management Systems
We are able to integrate the solution into most legacy and property management packages such as
  • Qube Global Software
  • Yardi Propware
  • River Lake
  • Focus
so that the system becomes an extension to an existing mission critical application. Softology's Document Management will mirror how your Property system deals with files.

Cost Saving
The functionality of Softology's Document Management makes implementation of the technology affordable, with quantifiable returns on investment within 6-12 months.

Major cost savings can be realised through a reduction in storage space, and freeing staff from manually intensive processes: allowing them to concentrate on more productive tasks.