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Why Softology's Document Management

SOFTOLOGY Document Management is a cost effective Document Management system with minimal administration overheads.

Forward thinking
As we produce more and more of our business documents in an array of different formats, many forward thinking organisations have identified the need to store and manage these documents in a centralised 'virtual filing cabinet'.

You now have an electronic work management system that can be refined and tuned to your exact business requirements, delivering precise control over every aspect of the process.

Disaster recovery & business continuity
80% of all companies that suffer fire, floods or any other catastrophic event cease trading within 1 year, and nearly half never open their doors again. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are business necessities that no organisation can afford to ignore. See more.

While many companies have some sort of disaster recovery in place for electronic business data, an overwhelming majority have not taken similar precautions to protect their other critical documents. The problem lies in the fact that even today, a high proportion of vital business information is still held in hard-copy format, leaving valuable paperwork such as contracts, sales orders and legal documents at a severe risk of being lost forever.

Implementing the correct Electronic Document Management system is an integral part of any organisations' disaster recovery model. By converting vulnerable paper documents into electronic copies, you are able protect these hard copy assets and help to ensure business continuity.

Electronically storing all documents protects your companies' knowledge when disaster occurs: i.e. the loss of paper files due to fire or flood. In addition, one of the inherent benefits of an electronic document archive is that a copy of it can easily be created and stored off-site for further security - so even in the worst possible scenario full access to your documents can be achieved in less than 24 hours.

Softology's Document Management is a generic Electronic Document Management Solution that can be used enterprise wide to capture, store and manage both your paper and computer-generated documents into a secure central archive.

No EDM system will be acceptable unless the security and confidentiality of the documents can be preserved and monitored. Softology's Document Management offers many security modes and permissions and also protects the documents from unauthorised access from outside of the application by holding the documents in a secure manner on the server.

The high return on investment for this benefit is not only measured in pounds and pence, but also in peace of mind.

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Legal implications
With the heavy load of legislation affecting employment rights and with record tribunal claims hitting employers: companies need to assess carefully the risks of lost paper and electronic documents. The legal impact can be very costly.

We have developed the software in consideration of the current British Standard document BSI BIP0008 that relates to 'Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically'. Consequently Softology's Document Management can be deployed where documents are the sole legal version. Read more about BSI BIP0008 here.

Asset Management
Companies that manage assets, real estate, and properties often have a range of applications for electronic document management and workflow. One of the most important is to file documents related to properties (or units within a property) together.

Cost conscious
Workflow facilitates the automatic distribution of documents to the relevant people. The benefits in terms of saving time, tracking work and documents are phenomenal.

Customer & Supplier focused
Softology's Document Management provides workflow for invoice approvals and handles EDI, XML and paper invoices in a browser based solution. It is able to integrate with most character or windows applications, connecting documents to existing systems.

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