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Our products are generic and configurable. When we deliver a solution to our customer it has been tailored specifically for them.

David Bliss, Managing Director, River Lake Software Ltd
“We have developed a great relationship with Softology over the past few years. Our companies have a similar work ethic and we have found it really easy to work with the team at Softology. We know our mutual client has been pleased with the performance of the Lenses For Rating System and it has significantly improved their productivity at a very busy time of the year for them.

We look forward to building further integration in our systems with Softology and enhancing our product offering to our clients”

Chris Searle, Development Director, Kinspeed Ltd
“Working with the Softology team to integrate their Lenses software has been pleasure. They are very knowledgeable and their attention to detail during this process has been excellent. The Lenses software has enabled our mutual client to turn what was a manual process of checking rate demands and entering data into their information management system to a more streamlined automated process. The proactive nature of the team along with ourselves have enabled the smooth and successful integration from both ends.

We would be more than happy working with the team again whether that be on our mutual client’s integration or any other projects in the future.”

Jonathan Merchant, IT Manager, Kallo Foods
"When I asked Softology to come and give us a demonstration of their workflow product, it quickly became apparent that I was talking to technical experts. While the price of the software was an important factor, Softology have delivered what they said they would when they said they would." More.

The Kallo solution is using Softology's Business Process Management System, Softology Workflow.

The initial workflows cover product delisting, new products and special pricing. Further workflows are in the pipe line and they may possibly be linked into our document scanning solution, Softology's Document Management. Softology Workflow links seamlessly with Softology's Document Management.

All of Kallo's processes were well defined and documented, but implemented using MS Excel spreadsheets that were very difficult to track and maintain. Softology Workflow has effectively eliminated that problem.

UK business statistics show that during a typical process cycle, pending work items spend over 90% of their time sat in an in-tray waiting for attention. Staggering or what? In all that wasted time, who knows where that business information is, and what could be achieving by eliminating that lost time.

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John Jackson, IT Director, Lee Baron Consultant Surveyors
"Just like to say how delighted we are with our investment in Softology's solution for our paperless office. We made it our corporate mission to embrace the best technology available in order to give us the leading edge in what is a competitive business. We chose Softology Document Management as opposed to some of the shrink-wrapped DMS packages due to the pro-active approach of the programming and support team. With their assistance we have achieved the ultimate integration of two third party products. Our company makes extensive use of Qube property management software. The system is linked in such a way that you simply click on the Qube "Document Link" icon to view the relevant documents. You would never know that these are two products from two manufacturers

Frankly, I don't know how you could run any facet of a property management office, or any office without a DM system, and Softology's fully integrated system fits the bill.

If you are a Property Management company using QUBE, then the choice of DM vendor, for me, is obvious. More.

The one manual task we have to do is to put a bar code sticker on incoming invoices and then scan them. The scanning process is virtually automated and is no more difficult than putting multiple sheets in the ADF of a photocopier. When the Qube posting staff enter the invoice data, they simply wave the invoice at the bar code reader to add the linking reference. At this point the paper invoice becomes completely superfluous.

We can view the invoice, print or email it on demand. We have also now enhanced our operating capabilities to enable us to gather client statements and data without recourse to paper. For those who prefer the output can of course always be printed but otherwise images can be gathered and sent by email. You can add reminders and send them to members of staff. Softology's Document Management product is absolutely loaded with features.

To add documents or indeed anything that exists on your PC, to the system, you simply click on the Orange icon that appears in Word, Excel and GroupWise etc. If you are indexing items on your desktop, then there is a brilliant drop and drag index function. We have asked for and got an indexing system that automatically provides the user with the Property management reference information in tree form. Softology achieved this using an automated data import routine that was built in to the system. Since the first implementation, we have fed back requests for tweaks to the layout and sequence of indexing. The Softology team have always risen to the challenge and responded.

When we started we were all eagerly waiting for our first milestone of one million documents on line. That has long past and we have shredded our way through many trees worth of paper, and removed lots of ugly lateral filing cabinets from our office. Viva la technical revolution and well done Softology. Our company has now introduced a new verb to the English language 'Softologise'."

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Amanda Edwards Education Services Business Unit Consultant at Staffordshire County Council
"Softology are a highly customer focused organisation. Their document management software, is a powerful generic business solution that addresses the majority of our document management requirements. With the Education Unit's large population of users, there are inevitably procedures that some people want to do differently to the way prescribed in Softology's Document Management model, and it is in these circumstances that Softology score very highly. They are always prepared to modify Document Management to incorporate our precise needs, and, where they perceive this to be a product improvement, do not levy any charge. Softology's dynamic, forward thinking attitude gives us the freedom to plan, design and implement business processes, secure in the knowledge that the software can be adapted to suit our often-diverse requirements."

Stephen Luke - Technical Manager, NLG Analytical Ltd
"NLG Analytical used Softology to help us develop our next generation v-kit Pro system for the qualification of analytical instruments.
v-kit Pro is used by equipment manufacturers, service providers and equipment users to perform installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification ( OQ) and performance qualification (PQ) on analytical instruments such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), tablet dissolution and mass spectrometry (MS).
We selected Softology over other vendors who had bid for the work because of their knowledge and experience of document and workflow management. Softology are easy to work with and have often provided good looking and innovative solutions.
v-kit Pro is a very powerful and flexible system with a modern browser-based interface and the design of the package that Softology created for NLG Analytical allows us to quickly develop and release new products to market."

John Butler Software Services Manager at The Portman Building Society in Wolverhampton
"The system was installed on schedule and has easily coped with our current demands (around 10,000 forms processed p.a.). Mike, Martin and their team have proven to be friendly, efficient, flexible and proactive, and we look forward to working further with them in the future."

Bert Craven , IT Consultant
"As a consultant it is very important to me that the products I recommend to my clients work and the companies I recommend deliver. Softology, as well as having an excellent product set, have repeatedly delivered on their promises and mine making my clients happy and making me look good. They have a dedicated and highly professional team who, in addition to being adaptable, flexible and innovative, are always prepared to go that extra mile to ensure that each project is an unqualified success. I would recommend them as a solution partner without hesitation."

Geoff Goodwin, Sara Lee Courtaulds
"Due to our internal infrastructure we presented Softology with a difficult implementation. It was handled professionally and happened on time and on budget. We sourced a product to solve a specific problem (purchase invoice archive and retrieval), what we've bought provides central storage and remote on-screen PC access for any document type we care to consider."

Tim Pryce, formerly IT Manager at Alltruck plc
and now running his own freighting business is happy for us to use the following quote: "Softology's software and expertise helped to deliver a complex ordering system, on-time, in-budget and with zero faults"

Other customers include GL Hearn, Knight Frank, Colliers International, Leo Newman, Commercial Estates Group, CP Bigwood, Marlborough Fund Managers, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Como Hotels, and BMO Real Estate Partners.

Our customers span a wide range of markets