Saving you time and money.

Can I have a paperless office?

Yes you can! You can streamline processes, save time, space and money, and most importantly, help save the planet. This is what Softology have been successfully helping our customers achieve for many years.

Softology are a specialist process and document management software house that have been developing enterprise-wide solutions since 1992.

Most importantly, our software is so natural and intuitive that our customers are using it effectively to realise tangible benefits within hours. Some customers have achieved return on investment in very short time scales indeed.

We offer a portfolio of products, which includes a comprehensive document and work management solution that will benefit any organisation whether you are a SME with two employees, or a large national corporation with two thousand.

Here are some of the ways to use our software to remove paper from your office:
  • purchase invoicing - with workflow based automated approval
  • general correspondence - with automated routing to the right people
  • scanning leases, payroll, quality assurance and compliance documentation
  • specific applications such as special needs child care
  • workflow for new products, delisting and customer complaints
  • ... the list goes on

So, if you are looking for a way to simply streamline cumbersome business processes, or you are having problems finding that vital document, wanting to free up expensive storage space, or concerned with document security and disaster recovery, Softology's suite of Workflow and Electronic Document Management software will provide you with exactly the functionality you need in a single solution.