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Softology Workflow is a business process automation system that moves work to be done through your organisation electronically.

With the right tools you can achieve anything
You start with a plan - business rules or workflow - whatever you wish to call it: use Softology Workflow to model it along with the forms your users will need to enter and view data and that's it!

You can now have an electronic workflow management system that can be refined and tuned to your exact business requirements, delivering precise control over every aspect of the process.

Is it for me?
Business Process Engineering, and workflow by association, earned a bit of a bad reputation some time ago. We watched in amazement as armies of consultants crawled over corporates like ants, consuming vast amounts of time and cash.

One of the mistakes they made was in failing to realise that businesses are operated by people, many of whom are resistant to change, especially so if it means chipping away at little, almost functionally autonomous, and, very often, highly effective empires.

We have experienced this effect pretty much everywhere we have installed Softology Workflow, but when used tactically, targeting problem areas precisely, resistance is not only futile, it evaporates along with bulging in-trays.

Typically you will be an enterprise with documented processes for things such as product pricing, customer servicing, promotion planning, invoice approval etc. You may have looked at workflow products and dismissed them for not having a simple interface, or failing to provide value for money, or usually both. This is where Softology Workflow scores.

You now have an electronic work management system that can be refined and tuned to your exact business requirements, delivering precise control over every aspect of the process.

Read more about Workflow in our Softology Workflow Product Description or obtain a PDF version.

What's in Softology Workflow?
Once indexed, a document becomes accessible immediately. Users can search for and view documents and folders in a number of different ways without leaving their desk. In addition each user is assigned a 'Softology in-tray' to which documents requiring consideration can be manually or automatically routed. Documents can also be printed faxed or e-mailed, composite documents created, and electronic post-it notes added.

What will it do for my business?
Of course, Softology Workflow will streamline your processes, with a subsequent reduction in costs, and by taking paper out of your environment, benefit the planet and increase your efficiency.

It goes without saying that Softology Workflow merges seamlessly with Softology's electronic document management system to enable you to create paper-free processes and information banks. Softology Workflow also works on a relational, completely open, industry standard database, so, as well as the various reports available in Softology Workflow, you can also export information to Microsoft Excel or use report generators to provide you with useful management information.

You can also display, update and calculate information in Microsoft Excel on ALL of the supported operating systems as the workflow progresses.

How will it fit into our IT environment?
Softology Workflow is a collection of WEB Pages & Java Applets that work on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. It runs in a browser so your user PC's only need the Java runtime installed, which is standard nowadays. This means that there is minimum work required to set it up.

On the server the Softology Workflow engine is responsible for moving information utilising a relational database.

What does it cost?
This depends on the amount of consultancy you choose to buy from Softology®, but a typical system, installed and configured for around forty staff, including ten days of consultancy to set up those first workflows, and reap benefits from day one will cost from around £15,000.

About Softology Workflow