Saving you time and money.

Can I Really?

Absolutely yes! Softology's customers are saving time and money using
Document Management.

Indeed, with the current economic downturn, instead of axing budgets, why not look at what you can save with our systems.

Our customers expect ROI in very short time scales - some in well under a year - but how?
  • eliminating filing cabinets - save thousands year on year in reclaimed office space
  • reducing the number of credit notes in the supply chain and collecting payment more quickly
  • automating sales enquiries from the web or by phone in a workflow can mean a faster turnaround
  • automated workflow - initiate new sales cycles on an anniversary
  • invoice quicker - collect cash sooner
  • approvals - automate order and invoice approval systems
  • reduce paper consumption with electronic documents - save cash and the planet

So, if you are
  • looking for a way to simply streamline cumbersome business processes
  • having problems finding that vital document
  • wanting to free up expensive storage space
  • concerned with document security and disaster recovery

Softology's suite of Workflow and Electronic Document Management software will provide you with exactly the functionality you need in a single solution.

Save Time & Money

Expect your Return On Investment in a very short time scale.