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What's planned for Softology's Document Management in the future.

Licence Server
The new licence server only uses licences as required. More.

That is, when you open the software, it only consumes a view licence until editing or indexing is undertaken. Although licences time-out, we advise that you log out of the software when not using it.

Named licences are for people who always need to login unless they are already logged in on a different computer, in which case they will need to wait until the other login has timed out. A named licence is only available to a specific user.

The licences are stored in a viewable file and activity is logged. This information can be used for auditing purposes. The licence file has an internal digest key, based on the contents of the file, which issued by Softology. Consequently, you can demonstrate to an auditing body that you are using the licences correctly.

There are also licence add-ons. These are 'fair use', 'pile on', 'honeymoon' and 'trial'.

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New Viewer
The new viewer will allow us to add increasing functionality for 32 and 64 bit installations. More.

  • Hash Tagging
    You will be able to #tag individual pages of a document for recall by hash tag. The hash tag will reside in the notes field which means that they are searchable.
  • Bookmarks
    You will have the ability to book mark sections of a document.
  • Dropbox
    We are enhancing the 'save to folder' function to save the source documents (currently we save the overview only) so that you can place documents in dropboxes.
  • Save to PDF functionality
    We are building in a save to PDF functionality in order to facilitate the productions of composite documents from multiple sources.
  • Friendly Naming
    This is a friendly naming system for mailing out PDFs

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Current Releases
There are updates available to your current version More.

Softology's Document Management Release 3.3.23
Offers Integration to Office 2010 and 2013

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We Recommended the following Non-Proprietary Updates
OCR - We've moved on from Tesseract OCR to Abbyy OCR which provides better results and a more recognisable output
Overviews - Docprint pro has moved on and an enhancing update is now available.